Return. Reuse. Recycle.

RECUP is a cup exchange system – striving to get rid of single-use take-away cups​


What we offer

  • Standard cup - 3 sizes

    Cups are homogenous and available in 150, 250 and 350 ml.

  • Lids in 4 colours

    Choose your own personal lid. Choose from Mint, Berry, Cappuccino and Dark Chocolate.

  • RECUP app

    Find your nearest RECUP partner using our App. Available for both Android and iOS.

How it works

Cafes or Corporates buy RECUP to become a Partner

RECUP Parters pay R50 (ex VAT) for a cup and lid combo

- All sizes same price. Cup or lid sold separately for R25 (ex VAT)

Cafe customers then:
Order a take-away coffee

Buy a RECUP and lid from cafe for R70 incl. (RRP) or R35 incl. for just a cup or lid.

Enjoy their coffee

Swop their dirty cup in to be washed by any partner café and get their coffee in a clean RECUP – size of their choice 

* Lid not part of the exchange

Customer gets a reusable cup and lid for R70 and café saves on single-use take-away cup and lid

Café makes a 20%+ margin on RECUP + LID and saving of not using single-use


Single-Use Plastic - The Numbers

Out of the top 20 offenders, South Africa is the 11th worst offender in the world when it comes to releasing plastic waste into the sea (higher than India and Brazil)

94% of all beach litter in South Africa is made from plastic, of which 77% is packaging

The amount of litter washing up daily in Table Bay tripled between 1994 to 2011, far outstripping the growth in Cape Town’s population over the same period

​50% of consumer plastics are single use


RECUP was born as from the idea of two German students in 2016,  with a pilot project launched in the first German city, Rosenheim 

20+ cities in Germany have since adopted RECUP, including Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, and Cologne  

There are over 3,000 outlets within two years using the RECUP model, all easily found on the RECUP-app, with the goal for RECUP being to replace the disposable single-use cup. 

For Coffee Sellers (cafes)

Customers buy a RECUP.
RECUPS are exchanged for a clean cup which the barista uses to make coffee in.

​Customers can buy their own reusable lids (for hygienic reasons) or recyclable plastic single use lids can be provided

For Coffee Lovers

1.Order a take-away coffee

2.Pay a R70 for a cup and lid of your choice in three sizes•Cup and Lid sold separately for R35 each

3.Enjoy your coffee

4.Swop your dirty cup in to be washed by any partner café and get your coffee in a clean RECUP – size of your choice

* Lid not part of the exchange

The RECUPS are cleaned on site and then used directly in the system again 

​All participating providers can be found at any time via the RECUP app.

​For Cities / Communities and Corporates

Cities and municipalities can cooperate with RECUP to introduce the exchange system to their region

Specially designed skyline editions strengthen the user's identification with the RECUP and ensure more attention during the introduction

Corporates or brands can introduce skyline-free (or by city) RECUPS with branding possible on the reusable lids (MOQ 1000 lids).

Buy RECUPS - Minimum order 50 cups total

R 28.75
Tax included.
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